My Boy, Ben – A Story of Love, Loss and Grace
by David Wheaton

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My Boy, Ben is the true story of a young man’s journey with a yellow lab named Ben.  That young man was international tennis star, David Wheaton.  A touching portrait emerges of an inseparable bond between a man and his dog.  Their story, marked by devotion, humor,  and unexpected turns, shares an uplifting message that the “God of all grace offers strength  and hope in our most trying times.




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What Readers are Saying…

A beautiful book that will touch your heart. It is the kind of story that reaches in to your soul. It is a keeper to read again and a wonderful read as a gift.
Great story and great message about the value of life both animal and human and the place of God’s grace in the midst of difficult times.
Be prepared to laugh and cry while reading this book about a man, his dog and his discovery of God’s wonderful Grace. For those who love their pets as one of the family. For those who are suffering through loss and need comfort. For those who are unsure God’s grace can be given to them. Also for those who are looking for a God honoring family to model in their own lives.
Very good book for dog lovers . Author did an excellent job describing the relationship between a dog & its owner & the hurt that is experienced when one loses that cherished companion . A must read !
This is a very compelling story. I don’t own a dog and have no desire to own one, but this is a story of a special relationship between a man and his dog that anyone can appreciate. I thought the book was very well written. It is a book that I have given as a gift to various close friends and clients and the response has been nothing but positive.