Billy Graham was the most well-known Evangelical Christian of the 20th Century. He led a parachurch ministry called the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association which hosted (and still hosts) large events all over the world, preaching the gospel to tens of thousands of people or more at a time.

Recently on The Christian Worldview radio program, pastor Travis Allen of Grace Church in Greeley, CO joined us to discuss a sermon series he had given at a conference on the drift of Evangelicalism. which has become a wide umbrella term that includes theological conservatives, liberals, charismatics, social justice advocates, “gay Christians”, female pastors, and more.

Pastor Allen commented how decisions by the most prominent Evangelical—Billy Graham—with regard to ecumenism (cooperation across denominations) and the rise of the parachurch (Christian organizations independent of the local church), contributed greatly to where Evangelicalism is today.

This weekend, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the ministry of Billy Graham and its ramifications, learning from what was done right and wrong, using Scripture as a measuring rod.

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