GUEST: DAN CELIA, CEO/president, Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries

You’ve noticed it at the gas pump, grocery store, and elsewhere—prices are rising. But of course they are—the supply of dollars can’t be increased through printing more without the value and buying power of an individual dollar decreasing. The Wall Street Journal reported that inflation rose more the last 12 months than it has in 13 years.

More is likely to come, with rampant spending being proposed.

And it’s not just inflation. Have you noticed shortages on shelves…and at the car dealership? The government-ordered lockdowns of the economy over COVID and people not working has led to scarcity of goods and delays in transporting them.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration and the Left are doing everything they can to pass a $3.5T “Infrastructure Bill”, which has very little to do with roads and bridges and very much to do with expanding the power of government and dependency on it.

It all sounds like a prelude to the inflation and scarcity described in the End Times in Revelation 6, when a global leader and government takes control.