GUEST: ALEX NEWMAN, Journalist and CEO, Liberty Sentinel Media

If you sense that a major transformation is taking place in our nation—and around the world—you are correct. The final book of the Bible, Revelation, tells us what the world will be like in the future prior to Christ’s return—a globalized world led by an authoritarian leader who exerts strict control over peoples and societies, all in opposition to God.

So how do we get from here to there? After all, the world is currently comprised of nation states with diversified leadership. In fact, our own nation, the most powerful, affluent, autonomous, Christian-influenced nation in history, is the biggest impediment to a globalized system.

But that is changing before our eyes. Everything our nation has been known for—military might, financial strength, legal justice, social cohesion, Christian values—is being undermined and remade. Those without a Biblical worldview are cheering this on because they believe (correctly) that America must decrease for globalism to increase.

The Bible’s prophecies about the future will be fulfilled just as ones made about the past were fulfilled. There is no thwarting God’s plan. In fact, the amazing thing is how God uses the sinful schemes of man to accomplish His plans. Christians don’t need to be anxious about our transformative time but rather should prepare and shine.

Alex Newman, award-winning journalist and CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media, joins us this weekend and next to discuss how seven pillars upholding our society—national defense, energy, financial, political, legal, social, and spiritual—are purposely being crumbled in order to achieve a “Great Reset”.

Be informed so you can prepare for what’s ahead!


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