GUEST: DARRELL HARRISON, co-host, Just Thinking Podcast

“Environmentalism” then “global warming” now “climate change” (or “creation care” to some Christians) is one of the most useful means to achieve humanistic ends of global control.

Energy is a fundamental aspect of life. Our bodies need energy to survive and therefore we eat animals and plants, which require energy to farm and harvest, which require energy to transport to markets, which require energy to build and cool and heat, which need power plants to produce, which need people to operate, who need energy to live, and well, you get the circular cycle.

So if “the science” can be “settled” that humans’ use of fossil fuels (like coal, natural gas, and petroleum) are harming the earth and threatening our very existence, then the powers that be “must act” to save us from self-annihilation through restricting the energy we use to live, eat, travel, work, and more.

This is why dire predictions of climate catastrophe are constantly peddled—to create fear so that people will accept the control governments seek to impose on their lives.

Climate change is about control, power, money, and global governance (otherwise the scaremongers wouldn’t be hypocritically living in large, energy-sapping estates and flying here and there on private jets).

But there’s something even deeper—climate change is, at its core, a religion which rejects worship of the Creator and instead worships the creation and the creature (man).

This is exactly what the Bible says about the God-rejecting: “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25).

Ideologies like climate change that seek to mislead Christians to gain their support will invariably use language and concepts of Scripture to entice them to their side. Climate change plays into Christians’ desire to care for God’s creation, to have compassion on those ostensibly harmed by climate change (“to love our neighbors”), to “do good” in our world, and to not be outsiders by questioning “the experts”.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, Darrell Harrison, co-host of the Just Thinking podcast, “a long-form, expository podcast that boldly confronts cultural, social, political, and theological issues through an orthodox biblical worldview”, joins us to discuss How the “Empty Deception” of Climate Change Entices the Christian Mind.


  • Darrell and his co-host, Virgil Walker, just did an episode on “A Biblical Theology of Climate Change” that reveals how climate change is a religion that Christians need to discern as unbiblical.