Guest: Soeren Kern, geo-political analyst, Gatestone Institute

What we have seen this past week with the United States’ ill-planned and inept withdrawal from Afghanistan, stranding 10,000 of our own citizens in the midst of a country completely overrun by the Taliban, a radical Islamic group, is a vivid portrait of weak, foolish, and confused civilian and military leadership and the diminished state of our nation.

The most prosperous, powerful, and freest nation the world has ever known is on the wane, reaping the judgment of rejecting God, His Word, and His ways.

Think that’s a bit hyperbolic? Think the “pendulum will swing the other way”? Think “This is America—land of the free and home of the brave”? We suggest you read this column, then turn to Scripture and think about how God deals with nations which reject Him, especially those which were exceedingly blessed by Him.

The new lows of moral decadence, financial recklessness, corruption, and self-loathing that characterize our nation today and the timidity of the church to proclaim the only remedy, guarantees that the American empire will be yet another added to history’s ash heap. The timing is in God’s hands.

Soeren Kern, follower of Christ and geopolitical analyst for the Gatestone Institute, joins us on The Christian Worldview to discuss “How the US Failure in Afghanistan Effects the World Order.” He will also emphasize what Christians and the church should be pursuing diligently in these times.

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