GUEST: ROBERT KNIGHT, author and columnist, Washington Times

Satan and unredeemed humanity have always been at war with the truth. This is because God is the source of truth, and thus to try to escape accountability to God and persuade others to do the same means one must believe and propagate lies.

This includes lies about God’s character and nature, His laws and justice, His offer of salvation through Christ, and really any given issue that will lead someone in the wrong direction. Lies about sexuality (“homosexuality is good”), gender (“you can choose your gender”), race (“your identity is your skin color”), climate (“man will destroy the world”), COVID (“masks and the vaccine will save us”), etc., etc.

We are living in a lie-dominant, anti-truth culture. Christians don’t know where to get news on current events because mainstream and social media constantly pump out lies in pursuit of their agenda to lead people away from God and to their socialist government utopian dream.

Robert Knight, columnist for the Washington Times, joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss this anti-truth worldview in light his most recent column, “The Dangers of Doublethink”, where the most influential institutions in our society constantly lie about everything.

How should a Christian think and live in this anti-truth culture? Join us this weekend to find out!