Whether in private or public places of work, the military and elsewhere, deadlines are looming (or already passed) mandating that employees get the COVID injection or be terminated.

Yes, America has descended to a new authoritarian low—inject a substance into your body or else lose your ability to support yourself and your family.

With the God-rejecting Left being most coercive for all to get vaccinated, even young children who are in no danger of the virus, one would think someone like pastor and author John Piper wouldn’t be encouraging Christians to be vaccinated but rather leaving it up to each person’s conscience to make that decision.

So goes the pressure to take a newly developed “vaccine” that millions of Americans have taken but millions of Americans don’t want. Pressure, persuasion, and crass incentives have now turned into vaccine mandates by employers—get the vaccine or get fired. How “kind” and “loving your neighbor” to force your neighbor into injecting something into their body they don’t want and could harm them.

The burning question right now for those who don’t want the vaccine is this: How can I apply for and receive an exemption from this unconstitutional (and perhaps fake) mandate?

We will offer some direction on this issue this weekend on The Christian Worldview. Please read and watch the recommendation of Liberty Counsel, an organization that advances “religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the family through strategic litigation.”