GUEST: CAL BEISNER, author, Biblical Foundations for Economics

Morality is the judgment between what is right and what is wrong and economics is how money, goods, and services are used and exchanged.

While morality and economics seem unrelated, they are actually linked. When moral judgments are made about any given issue, economic decisions follow to support those moral judgments.

For example, abortion is viewed by our government as morally good and so therefore economic policy is made to fund the killing of the pre-born and post-born.

It’s no coincidence that as American’s judgment of what is right and wrong has moved away from biblical morality, our economic policies have gone the same direction. Government rather than the individual is now viewed as the best caretaker for the poor, needy, and unemployed. Government is seen as the solution to inequality, education, health care, and the environment.

Socialism—strong governmental ordering of society—is ascending while capitalism—individual liberties applied to markets—is slandered as “selfish”, “greedy”, and “immoral”.

Cal Beisner, author of Biblical Foundations for Economics, joins us on The Christian Worldview to discuss how economic principles and policies need to be based on the Bible to achieve the greatest human flourishing.

We will also hear the remaining portion of the interview with Mike Gendron about why the Pope and President Biden share some a “strong rapport” (hint: that has to do with their economic views as well).

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Author: Cal Beisner

“From a clear introduction to economics to his Scriptural case for the ethical underpinnings of economics, Calvin Beisner’s book is a great read for those interested in the intersection of Scripture and economics.”

softcover, 54 pgs