After a long and contentious election cycle that took place in the midst of a viral pandemic and social unrest and one which included allegations of widespread voting fraud and a breach of the Capitol during a rally for President Trump, Democrat Joe Biden was sworn in this past Wednesday as the 46th President of the United States.

In his inaugural address, Biden stressed the need for “unity” in our divided nation. This from a man whose political party has labeled Trump and his supporters “white supremacists” who need to be “de-programmed”.

With this new administration in power, unity isn’t possible when perspectives on issues are worlds apart and when God and His Word aren’t honored. Those on the Left are fond of calling those who oppose their godless, humanistic worldview “deniers”, as in “science deniers”, “climate deniers”, and “election deniers” (i.e. those who question the integrity of the election).

While the Republican Party does not hold the corner on truth (God does), the Democratic Party has become the party of truth deniers. How so? And what are the implications of this truth denial for our country? Join us this weekend to find out.

Short Take #1: Re-examining the Topic of Christians and Conspiracy Theories

Short Take #2: The Resurrection “Conspiracy”

Short Take #3: Counter Considerations To Election Fraud

Short Take #4: The Difficult Notion of Bipartisan Unity

Short Take #5: Being Truth Embracers in the Age of Truth Denial