While it’s natural to be over-impacted by the present experience, it seems like we are living in a transformative moment in world history. While there have been clear signs for decades of spiritual compromise in the church and moral decay in the country, and while Christians know what the end of the Book says about the coming godless globalism, events of the past year have made great strides toward that destination.

Whether it’s government consolidation of power with COVID, false accusation of racism for anyone who opposes the mainstream perspective, a potentially stolen presidential election, and a new administration imposing everything against God and traditional America, many Christians are suffering from a case of the ABCDs.

  • Anxiety or Anger about what is taking place.
  • Bitterness over what has become of our country
  • Confusion over what the truth is election fraud
  • Discouragement or Despair for the future.

Just us this week on The Christian Worldview as we discuss overcoming ABCD with RSTUV!

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