GUEST: ALEX NEWMAN, Journalist and CEO, Liberty Sentinel Media

There are wars and rumors of wars taking place in Israel. Armies from the north, like Russia, are flexing their military might in Ukraine and the Middle East. Armies from the east, like China, are enlarging their economic and military power across the world.

So where does that leave the United States of America, arguably the greatest empire in history?

The country is unwilling to win wars, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam, but very willing to print and spend into trillions of dollars of debt. Instead of championing the values that made America into the powerhouse it was—individual liberties, free-market economics, Biblically-based moral values—a spirit of Marxism, division, immorality, and self-loathing vexes our nation.

This kind of rejection of God and His wisdom are similar symptoms that caused other historic empires to decline or collapse. So is America on the same course?

Alex Newman, international journalist and analyst with Liberty Sentinel Media, joins us this weekend to discuss a wide variety of issues—military, economic, social—that the current state and potential future of the American empire. Are we truly in decline or are we actually rising to be the leader of the prophesied global order?

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