The word “sordid” (def: “morally ignoble, dirty”) is a tragic but appropriate way to describe the story of Ravi Zacharias, one of the world’s most well-known Evangelical leaders and influencers.

Zacharias founded and presided over a large ministry bearing his name, with upwards of $25M in annual revenue, that was devoted to defending the Christian faith. He authored over 30 books and was the keynote speaker at major events all over the world, including non-Christian venues of higher education and government.

People mourned when Zacharias died last year of cancer at the age of 74. But when allegations of widespread sexual impropriety and even criminality surfaced, which were confirmed by an investigation, mourning turned to shock and disgust.

Last week in part 1, we discussed Ravi Zacharias’ extensive background leading up to the allegations. This week in part 2, we’ll discuss how this could happen to a prominent Christian teacher and how we can overcome this kind of fall.