Ravi Zacharias was one of the most well-known evangelical Christians in the world. Speaking all over the world and leading Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), a non-profit, para-church organization based in Atlanta with satellite offices around the world and upwards of $25M in annual revenue.

At speaking events and on his daily radio program, Zacharias was known for being an intelligent and articulate Christian “apologist”—one who provides answers to the philosophical, moral, and existential challenges to Christianity. He was highly respected personally and professionally.

As is typical with nearly all high-profile ministry leaders, especially ones in ministry for 40 years, Zacharias absorbed a couple publicized accusations—one about exaggerating his educational credentials and the other a few years ago regarding a Canadian woman sending him sexual text messages. The latter was explained away as an extortion attempt.

People all over the world prayed for and then mourned and eulogized Ravi Zacharias when he died of cancer in 2020. What no one was prepared for were the allegations and then confirmation by investigators that Zacharias had been involved sexually with women all over the world until a few months before his death.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will discuss some challenging questions about the man who was known for answering life’s deepest questions.