Guest: Tom Ascol, Pastor and Film Producer of By What Standard?

Over the past two programs, Tom Ascol, pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida, has joined us to discuss two issues currently being debated within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the largest Protestant denomination in America.  Those issues are: women teaching men and Critical Race Theory, a humanistic perspective on race and society.

This week in part 3, we will discuss a third issue—professing Christians who identify as “same sex attracted”.  Is it possible to be a Christian and accept desires for homosexuality as “who I am”, even if not acting on those desires (i.e. “celibate”)?  This is the assertion of Nate Collins, the Southern Baptist Seminary-trained founder of the Revoice Conference, which seeks to “support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians.”

These debates within the SBC are examined in a documentary film titled By What Standard? produced by Founders Ministries, of which our guest Tom Ascol is president.  We highly encourage you to watch the film or order the DVD because it will sharpen your worldview as to what is taking place within the evangelical church today.

And be sure to listen to part 3 of the interview with Tom Ascol this weekend.

“By What Standard?”

Founders Ministries is producing this cinedoc to sound an alarm and issue a call for pastors and churches to stand firm against this onslaught by reaffirming the authority and sufficiency of God’s written Word.”

View the film online or Pre-Order the DVD below

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Short Take 1: How should we understand the assertion that one can be a “same sex attracted Christian”?  Length: 2:46

Short Take 2: How should sinful desires be dealt with by a Christian?  Length: 2:00

Short Take 3: How would you rate these three issues—women teaching men, Critical Race Theory, same sex attraction—as to which is being most prominently pushed in the SBC?  Length: 2:53

Short Take 4: How to avoid drift in a church, organization, or personally?  Length: 3:54