GUEST: ANDREW DeBARTOLO, pastor and project manager, Liberty Coalition Canada

The world is watching Canada in the midst of a tense standoff. Truckers and others protesting the government’s Covid injection mandates and other restrictions have literally parked in the capital city of Ottawa (and other cities) demanding that individual liberties be restored.

They are up against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a far-left globalist who views Covid “as an opportunity for a reset” and who once eulogized Cuban communist tyrant Fidel Castro.

Which side gains victory in Canada will have major ramifications in America and beyond. For if demands for liberty in Canada are ignored and squashed, that will embolden the increasing authoritarian power being exerted in other western democracies under the auspices of “public health, safety, security, and a clean planet”.

Andrew DeBartolo, a Canadian pastor and project manager for Liberty Coalition Canada, joins us on The Christian Worldview to give us a first-hand perspective on the situation and to discuss Christians being involved in civil protest.

** NOTE: Due to changing events in Canada, we decided to push back the interview with Megan Basham on evangelical leaders propagating the government’s Covid narrative.