GUESTS: CHRIS KATULKA, Radio Host, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

A “moral equivalency” is argumentation that attempts to make two opposing sides equal, when in reality one side is far more immoral than the other.

Example: Israel and Hamas. The Islamist group Hamas, based in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, barbarically slaughters 1400 civilians in the October 7 raid on Israel and immediately those who side with Palestinians make the moral equivalency that Israel is no better with their racist, oppressive, colonialist, genocidal, apartheid state.

A better moral equivalency to Hamas murdering non-combatants, including children, would be the American zealots who advocate for the “right” to kill pre-born children at any time and for any reason during pregnancy. In fact, the latter group has been much more effective from a death toll standpoint than the former. And the people of Ohio just voted for abortion to be a “right” in their state constitution.

In last week’s program, Chris Katulka of Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry clarified the disinformation (i.e. lies) that so many believe and espouse about Israel and the Jews, such as, they are occupying Palestinian land. Chris detailed the ancient history of Israel with God establishing for them a far larger area of land than their currently inhabit and how in 1948 they were unexpectedly granted a portion of their historic homeland to settle.

This week in part two of the interview, Chris will explain what is behind the widespread anti-semitism in the world, how Christians should obey God’s command to bless the descendants of Abraham and Sarah (the Jews) despite their current God- and Christ-rejection, and what these events mean for Biblical prophecy.

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