GUEST: M.D. PERKINS, author, Dangerous Affirmation—The Threat of Gay Christianity

That our country devotes the entire month of June to take “pride” in what the Bible calls “degrading passions” of homosexuality along with other sexual and gender perversions says everything about the depravity to which our society has fallen.

Instead of helping those enslaved to sin to overcome it through salvation and sanctification, the opposite takes place: affirmation and celebration of the sin and the sinner.

It is predictable that the God-rejecting do this but it is an even greater affront to God when professing Christians assert that one can be a homosexual—whether in practice or desire—and be a Christ follower. “Gay Christian” ideology entered the liberal mainline denominations long ago but now it has gained entry into the Evangelical church as well.

How is this possible when the Bible is so clear that homosexuality is a sin and that God calls for our actions and desires to be right before Him?

MD Perkins, research fellow of church and culture for American Family Association and the producer of award-winning documentary films we have previously featured on The Christian Worldview such as In His Image and The God Who Speaks, joins us to discuss the threat of “Gay Christianity” in light of his new book, Dangerous Affirmation.

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Understand the way “gay Christian” activists are rethinking theology, biblical interpretation, the nature and purpose of the Church, as well as how this rethinking is being used to create LGBT activists within conservative Christian churches.

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