GUEST: KATHERINE KERSTEN, senior policy fellow, Center of the American Experiment

Contrary to what the mainstream media and some Evangelicals are saying about Critical Race Theory (CRT)—that it’s a “bogeyman” (that it’s made up, nothing to fear)—Christians who are paying even half attention know and see how this insidious ideology that pits non-whites against whites is infiltrating every institution in our country.

The government-run public school system has become a flashpoint for heated confrontations between school boards intent on instituting CRT and parents pushing back on this racist and divisive worldview.

One question that has been little discussed is: How did Critical Race Theory become so widely accepted so quickly? In other words, how could such a blatantly wicked ideology be swallowed hook, line, and sinker by so many people?

Our guest to answer these questions this Independence Day weekend is Katherine Kersten, a writer, lawyer, and senior policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment. She has written extensively on CRT, especially as it relates to the educational system here in Minnesota, which is likely taking place in your state as well.

She will explain the psychological manipulation—straight from the Marxist playbook—that is being used to delude so many. She will also rebut the false assertions about America that Critical Theorists use as a basis for their deception.