GUEST: ANDREW DeBARTOLO, Director of Operations, Liberty Coalition Canada

To borrow a popular term today, the United States is in “transition”. Whereas the nation once “identified” as a broadly Christian nation (the Declaration of Independence refers multiple times to the Christian God), a real transition (in contrast to the imagined transitions and marriages of the transvestite/homosexual movement) has and is taking place to a present-day post-Christian, neo-pagan nation, where Satanic statues are displayed in state capitol buildings and a reworked Marxist-based, anti-Christian religion of woke-ism has captured many minds and all institutions.

How and why has this happened in a nation so known for and influenced by Christianity? Is it…

  • Infiltration of nefarious forces (e.g. globalists and Marxists)?
  • Leavening principle of sin over time?
  • Compromising churches exerting less influence?
  • Christians unengaged from culture and politics?
  • Judgment of God “giving over” the nation to unrestrained sinfulness (Rom. 1)?

Whatever the reasons—and no doubt there are more—here we are in our present state of depravity and foolishness (i.e. thinking and living as if there is no God).

So what should Christians do now? Broadly speaking, there are three general responses:

FAITHFULNESS: A primary focus on personal sanctification, family discipleship, and the local church, along with some civil engagement such as voting, running for public office, and supporting organizations that advocate for Christian-based policies. Example: G3 Ministries, John MacArthur

ACTIVISM: a more muscular posture that aims for spiritual and cultural change, including local church advocacy in politics and issues, on-the-street confrontation of sin, and a willingness to unite across theological divides to accomplish political objectives. Example: Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk.

DOMINION: the belief that Christ reigns over all and thus a mandate that institutions and society be reclaimed, possibly by force if necessary, to reflect overtly Christian laws and magistrates. Example: full-throated Christian Nationalists, some in New Apostolic Reformation

Which response most honors God and the example His Son and His disciples set? Join us this weekend on The Christian Worldview as Andrew DeBartolo, Director of Operations for Liberty Coalition Canada, describes what is occurring in his country and ours and what he believes Christians should do.