GUEST: ROBERT KNIGHT, author and columnist, Washington Times

We are living in an age of disinformation. What’s another word for disinformation? Lies. Very few people and organizations can be trusted anymore to disseminate truth, facts, reality.

Do you trust the Biden Administration and government to tell you the truth about a given issue—elections and voting, Afghanistan pullout, immigration? How about the CDC or NIH with regard to COVID? Do you trust the mainstream media or Big Tech to report the truth? Or how about Christian leaders who always seem to be talking about race and social justice instead of salvation and sanctification?

Of course the power of the lie has been around since Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. But the momentum of disinformation has now infected every aspect and issue in our country.

Those attempting to “fundamentally transform America” use language and concepts that are persuasive to Christians. No doubt you’ve heard someone say the following:

  • “Getting the COVID vaccine is about loving your neighbor.”
  • “Unregulated immigration is a great opportunity for evangelism!”
  • “Democrats are more biblical on issues like justice, race, etc.”

Are these statements true or false? Why are they believed and repeated by professing Christians?

In this program, we’ll discuss some of the undiscerning things Christians imbibe. Washington Times columnist Robert Knight will also join us to discuss President Biden’s Communist-educated nominee to be the Comptroller of the Currency and other current events.