GUEST: MEGAN BASHAM, reporter, Daily Wire

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Francis Collins. Until recently, he was the long-time leader of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a government agency which, along with the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), leads our nation’s response to Covid, including mandates with regard to vaccines, masks, shutdowns, and social separation.

Collins is venerated as the “head of the human genome project”. He also claims to be an Evangelical Christian. He wrote a book titled “The Language of God” and is the founder of BioLogos, an organization which heretically attempts to merge God and evolution.

Recently, Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham dug deeper on Francis Collins, bringing to light several ungodly policies he has directed and supported over the years and questioning why the biggest names in Evangelicalism such as Ed Stetzer, Rick Warren, NT Wright, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Christianity Today, and The Gospel Coalition all invited Collins on their platforms to persuade Christians to toe the government line on Covid.

Megan Basham joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview for a most illuminating conversation.

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