This program is a rebroadcast from 08/27/22

GUEST: TRAVIS ALLEN, pastor, Grace Church (Greeley, CO)

As our society rejects God, so it rejects God’s call for what a man is to be. The biblical call for men to be providers for their home, loving leaders of their wives and children, and strong and courageous in word and deed is misrepresented as “toxic masculinity”, “sexist”, and “patriarchal”. Even when a man offers sound advice and direction, especially to a woman, it’s criticized as “mansplaining.”

Add to this the influence of feminism and homosexuality in our culture and the impact is seen all around us today—men who have no idea what God calls them to be.

God created men and women of equal value and yet with certain character qualities and roles which are to be more prominent depending on whether male or female. This is a complementary design by God, resulting in joy for us and glory for Him.

Travis Allen joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview radio program to discuss God’s call for men. Travis is pastor of Grace Church in Greeley, CO, married with five children, and served in the U.S. Navy as a member of the SEAL teams. But as you will hear, it’s not one’s ability to fire weapons or fast-rope from a helicopter that makes a godly man but rather allegiance and obedience to Christ and His Word.