25 May 2024

TOPIC: How Understanding God Helps You Understand Our Chaotic World [rebroadcast from 09/04/2021]

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This program is a rebroadcast from 09/04/2021.

GUEST: STEVEN LAWSON, author, Show Me Your Glory

Psalm 46 starts out this way: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change…

The earth is changing. A strong delusion has bewitched the leaders and peoples of this world. There are authoritarian, baseless mandates […]

30 Mar 2024

TOPIC: Easter Weekend Special: Christ the Redeemer, Christ the Victor

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In the days leading up to Easter I was watching a weather forecast on television. When the extended forecast came up showing the weekend ahead, there was an icon of a bouncing bunny on Easter Sunday (better termed Resurrection Sunday). Nothing on Crucifixion Friday…not even a mention of Easter weekend.

How sad and tragic that the most important event in the history of mankind—the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ—has been replaced with […]

16 Mar 2024

TOPIC: The Supernatural Power of Biblical Preaching

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Shepherds’ Conference is a three-day pastors conference held in early March at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles (this is the church that John MacArthur has pastored for 55 years). What started 40 years or so ago with about 100 pastors has grown into 5000 church leaders and laymen gathering from all corners of the world.

The mission of Shepherds Conference is to provide […]

02 Mar 2024

TOPIC: Why the Cessationism vs Continuationism Debate is Really About the Authority of Scripture

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GUEST: Scott Aniol, Editor in Chief G3 Ministries and Featured in Cessationist

It’s a simple question with far-reaching ramifications: do Christians today possess the same miraculous “sign” gifts that God gave first century apostles, such as Peter and Paul, to…

  • Perform miracles, like bringing a dead person back to life (Acts 9:36-42);
  • Heal instantly and fully, making a blind man […]
24 Feb 2024

TOPIC: How “He Gets Us” Doesn’t Get Jesus and the Gospel

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GUEST: Tom Buck, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church (Lindale, TX)

Back in 2022, we were interested to learn that a non-profit foundation, funded to the tune of $100M by mostly anonymous donors, had put together a marketing campaign called “He Gets Us” to, in their own words, “rediscover the life and teachings of Jesus, the world’s most radical love activist?”

Hmm, the life and teaching […]

03 Feb 2024

TOPIC: Alistair Begg Responds to Furor Over His Counsel to Attend “Trans Wedding”

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GUEST: JUSTIN PETERS, preacher/evangelist

In case you haven’t heard the controversy that is being hotly debated in Christian circles, pastor Alistair Begg, who leads Parkside Church in Cleveland but who is even more well-known for his daily radio program Truth For Life, which features his preaching and is heard by millions around the world, said in an interview that he received […]

25 Jan 2024

TOPIC: Should a Christian Attend a Homosexual or Transgender “Wedding” Ceremony?

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GUEST: JUSTIN PETERS, evangelist and preacher

It can be confusing and even destabilizing when a pastor or Christian leader who has been orthodox in his teaching for decades says something that seems to compromise God’s Word.

Such occurred recently with revered pastor Alistair Begg. Begg, who is from Scotland but leads Parkside Church in Cleveland, is the Bible teacher on the popular radio ministry, Truth […]

22 Dec 2023

TOPIC: The Christ of Christmas

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This weekend’s program was first broadcast in December 2022 and was prepared to focus our attention on the Christ of Christmas. In the left column are resources and ideas for you to use personally with your own families.  The Christian Worldview wishes all of you a memorable and meaningful Christmas.  To God be all Glory!

Christmas is upon us. While it’s easy to get distracted by all that competes for our attention—current events […]

16 Dec 2023

TOPIC: Disciplining Yourself for the Purpose of Godliness

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GUEST: ABNER CHOU, head translator, Legacy Standard Bible

Christmas is a season when Christians remember, rejoice, and praise God for sending His Son Jesus Christ into our world to offer Himself as the atonement for sin. The details of Christ’s birth and life were prophesied in the Old Testament and then fulfilled hundreds of years later in the New Testament.

Christmas is also the end […]

09 Dec 2023

TOPIC: Do You Have A “One Day Nearer” Mindset? – Part 2

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GUEST: STEVE MILLER, author, One Day Nearer

Last week in part one on our two-part series on Biblical prophecy, Steve Miller joined us to discuss his 365-day devotional book One Day Nearer: Daily Devotions in Anticipation of Jesus’ Glorious Return.

He pointed out that the motivation to understand Biblical prophecy goes beyond knowing the what and when about the future but that it should […]