GUEST: Dr. GEORGE BARNA, Cultural Research Center, AZ Christian University

A true follower of Christ has the indwelling Holy Spirit to discern that the professed Bible-believing church in America has drifted. The lights go down and the “worship arts team” spends 30 minutes or more performing the audience into an emotional, quasi-spiritual experience. Then the pastor takes the “stage” and roams, gesticulates, and emotes his (or her) way through a 25-minute “sermon” of life-coaching with personal stories, humor, props and a few quasi-Christian principles mixed in.

So it makes perfect sense why well-known researcher Dr. George Barna finds that

  • Only two percent of professed Christian parents have a Biblical worldview
  • Just one-half of self-described Christian parents accept the Bible as the true and trustworthy words of God
  • One out of every four do not bother to praise, worship, or thank God during a typical week.

This is a death spiral for the church, families, and even our country. And yet, Christ continues to build His church—not necessarily the visible brick-and-mortar church but the invisible remnant of true believers.

Dr. George Barna, director of research and cofounder of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss his most recent studies along with an exhortation for each of us to examine ourselves, repent, and revive.