The Prosperity Gospel is a false gospel that “God will make you healthy, wealthy, and prosperous if you just have the faith and sow seed” (i.e. give money).

You’ve likely seen prosperity leaders like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and Joel Osteen on TV preaching about all the good things God has coming your way, with some speaking in “tongues”, performing “healings”, and manipulating those who want health and blessings.

It’s easy for Evangelicals to sit back and say, “We’re not part of that craziness.”  But there is a Prosperity Gospel Lite that has permeated much of the Evangelical church today.  It takes place when the pastor only preaches on the positive attributes of God (His love, mercy, etc.) and how Jesus is going to improve your life and solve your problems, rarely if ever mentioning sin and its consequences, repentance, separation from worldliness, the holiness and judgment of God, and the cost of following Christ.

In part 2 of our interview with pastor Costi Hinn, author of our current featured book, God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel, we will discuss how the prosperity message has influenced the Evangelical church and worldview.  Costi will also talk about how God opened his eyes to the true gospel.  Be sure to tune in.  Listen to Part 1 here.

Short Take #1: Compare the promise of healing with prosperity preachers to New Testament healings.

Short Take #2: How is the prosperity movement influencing the Evangelical church?

Short Take #3: Does your Uncle Benny really believe what he preaches?

Short Take #4: How were you saved out of the Prosperity Gospel movement?