TOPIC: How Julie Roys’ Attempted Takedown of John MacArthur is a Battle in a Larger War

You’re probably heard or read something about the conflict brewing and intensifying over a professing Christian investigative journalist, named Julie Roys of Chicago, accusing pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church in California of protecting male abusers and shaming females in counseling cases that have taken place within the church over the years.

Article after article, tweet after tweet, comment after comment has been written by Julie Roys and her allies against John MacArthur. Roys has called for MacArthur to be removed from preaching engagements and his daily radio program, Grace to You, to be taken off the air. She and others want John MacArthur “cancelled”.

Grace Community Church and John MacArthur rightfully won’t answer outside accusations regarding inside church matters.

But we at The Christian Worldview, not affiliated with Grace Community Church or John MacArthur in any way (although grateful for his preaching ministry), think it’s important to discern these public accusations in light of the following:

  • What are the beliefs and goals of the accuser?
  • What are the beliefs and reputation of the accused?
  • Are conclusions being made that shouldn’t be made?
  • And importantly, should church outsiders hold sway over inside church matters, rather than the church’s pastors, elders, and members addressing them?

We will examine the accusations of Julie Roys against Grace Community Church and John MacArthur to see how this is indicative of a larger war in Evangelicalism to dismantle the biblical command for male eldership in the church and male headship in the home.

This week we’ll look at the details of the situation and then next week pastor Travis Allen of Grace Church in Greeley, CO, and former elder at Grace Community Church in CA, will join us.