Rebroadcast from December 2013

Worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!  Psalm 2:11-12

Over the last many decades, almost every sector of life in America—schools, government, media, corporate America, to name a few—have incrementally and systematically eliminated Christmas for what it is—a commemoration of the birth of the Son of God and Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

“Merry Christmas” is chastised in favor of “Happy Holidays”.  “Christmas break” in schools is now “Winter break” and Christmas trees are “festive trees”.

All this may seem insignificant—a matter of being “inclusive” and “non-offensive” in our pluralistic society which also includes Jews, Muslims, and atheists.  But there is actually something much greater than altering speech.  The war to remove Christianity from the season is really the ongoing war to remove Christianity from America.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we’ll discuss the war against Christmas and Christianity.  We will also discuss how Christianity Today’s latest editorial by editor Mark Galli entitled, “Trump Should Be Removed from Office, provides aid and comfort to those seeking to eradicate the faith that made America great.