You have likely heard about and may have seen The Chosen television series. Tens of millions of people all over the world are watching it. It’s been translated into dozen of languages. Most Christians love it and call it life-changing. Even many non-Christians say how it’s given them a new perspective on Jesus.

The series, now in its third season, depicts the life of Jesus generally based on biblical accounts and particularly from the perspectives of those closest to Jesus. “Generally” being the important word because what Dallas Jenkins, lead creator, has done is added all kinds of “plausible” fiction to the gospel accounts. For example, Jesus is portrayed as doing speech prep before the Sermon on the Mount. The apostle Matthew is portrayed as autistic.

Is this a problem? Don’t all films and books use “artistic license”? Isn’t the greater good that so many millions of people are seeing Jesus in a “fresh” and “relatable” way?

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will examine The Chosen and ask the questions—is it honoring to God and His Word and therefore something you and your family should watch?