GUEST: Greg Hauser, Associate Pastor, High Point Baptist Church (Larksville, PA)

If you have trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and believe God’s Word to be the basis for truth, do you feel like you’re living in an alternate universe right now, where assertions made by politicians, government, media, scientists, doctors, and even friends and family are the exact opposite of reality?

The examples are endless:

  • “COVID is a dire threat to humanity!”…when 99.9% of people survive it and early treatment medications are suppressed.
  • “Follow the science!”…when the evidence shows that the COVID virus passes right through a cloth mask.
  • “We must mandate the vaccine!”…when it’s not a vaccine, it doesn’t keep you from contracting or spreading COVID, and there are untold adverse reactions including death.

This is what the Bible calls delusion—believing what is false. Delusional assertions are repeated endlessly, even by highly educated people. And then if you dare state the truth in response, you will be fired and removed from social media.

So in this age of mass delusion, how can one have peace of mind and discern truth from error?

Greg Hauser, associate pastor at High Point Baptist Church in Larksville, PA, joins us to examine how early Christians were struggling with similar things and what the apostle Paul told them—about why delusion exists, what the future holds, and how believing in the gospel comforts and strengthens the heart.