Every cause produces an effect. Drop a pebble in a pond (cause) and small ripples form and travel outward (effect).

Likewise, ideas are causes that produce effects. Good ideas produce good effects and bad ideas bad effects. Big, unbiblical ideas are not like dropping a pebble into a pond but rather a nuclear bomb on a society—widespread destruction and even death are the effects.

Critical Race Theory, the idea that White Supremacy is the dominating operating principle in America oppressing all manner of oppressed groups (“people of color”, women, etc.), is the new Big Idea in America that is being imbibed and perpetuated by government, corporations, and the Left. The Evangelical Church is dallying with it as well.

The idea that America and the church are systemically racist leads to an effect—restitution and reparations must be made. “Equity” (equal outcomes, not equal opportunity) must be enforced. This is the thesis of a new book entitled, Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Renewal (Brazos Press) by Duke Kwon, a PCA pastor in Washington, DC, and Greg Thompson, a former PCA pastor.

Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in North Carolina, just wrote a lengthy review of the book and its call for reparations from Whites to Blacks.

We’ll discuss Critical Race Theory (the ideological cause) and reparations (the demanded effect) this weekend on The Christian Worldview. It’s important for Christians to understand this worldview that is taking hold on our country and the church.