GUEST: JOSH BUICE, pastor, Pray’s Mill Baptist Church (GA)

Most Americans, and particularly those under the age of 50, have lived their entire lives with elective abortion being legal in every state.

Roe vs. Wade was the case presented to the Supreme Court in 1973 when a majority of justices decided that the U.S. Constitution provided a “right to privacy” should a woman want an abortion. That term “right to privacy” is not found in the Constitution and originalist legal interpreters agree that Roe was one of the most baseless legal decision in the Court’s history.

Tragically, that decision nationalized abortion and led to the deaths of 63 million pre-born babies in the last 50 years. Nothing—not Hitler in Nazi Germany, not the worst Communist genocide—has approached the lethality of this American holocaust that takes place every day behind closed doors all around us.

No matter how it’s euphemized—“choice”, “health care”, and “bodily autonomy”—the reality is that an intentional killing of a human life takes place with every abortion. A life created by God and made in His image.

Those who understand the immorality and injustice of abortion have worked tirelessly over five decades to end or at least reduce the slaughter. And then unexpectedly to all but the most hopeful, the current Supreme Court recently overturned Roe vs. Wade, placing the power to regulate abortion to each state rather than the federal government.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, Pastor Josh Buice of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church near Atlanta and the founder of G3 Ministries, joins us to discuss the overturning of Roe and why a bewildering number of Christian leaders have been silent about it.

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