One man one woman marriage is the first human institution that God established.  The relational aspect of marriage reflects the relationship amongst the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The Bible says that marriage is a model of Christ and His bride, the church.

These are mega-truths of Scripture with far-reaching ramifications.  They highlight just how important marriage is to God and should be to us.

But here’s the reality—not only does the design of marriage go back to Adam and Eve but also the core struggle of every marriage.  The core struggle is our sin nature that wants what we want and resists what God says.

This is why there is so much conflict in marriage and divorce.  But it needn’t be that way.  The God who designed marriage gives principles and the power to have a marriage for His glory and our good.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will discuss three decisions that set the course for a God-glorifying marriage.