GUEST: MICHAEL PERKINS, producer, In His Image

It’s easy for Christians to watch the incoming tidal wave of transgenderism and hope we can just keep out the way or push back and make it go back in the closet.

Unfortunately, neither is an option. On the heels of our nation’s affirmation of homosexuality has come transgenderism, the mistaken, sinful, and unscientific idea that one can change their sex. It’s everywhere—in media, entertainment, schools, politics. One of the very first things President Biden signed was an executive order affirming transgenderism.

Believing one can become the opposite sex of the one God determined for each of us is another step down in man’s rebellion against God. As with any sin, love for the sinner and the saving message of Jesus Christ is the only rescue rather than trying to accommodate the sin and the sinner as many in Evangelicalism are doing today.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, MD Perkins joins us to discuss the new documentary film he produced, In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality. We hope you will tune in to this important-to-understand topic.

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