GUEST: DR. STEVEN LAWSON, author, New Life in Christ

Confusion characterizes our world. Or maybe delusion is the better word, in that people are deluded by others or just self-deluded.

There are no shortage of “experts”—politicians, scientists, teachers, professors, writers, speakers, journalists, analysts, commentators, influencers, and yes, Christian leaders—confidently making assertions about all matters of life and faith.

So if you’re pondering what is going wrong in the world, you will hear all kinds of responses—“racism, inequality, lack of education, capitalistic greed, moral corruption”—with all manner of proposed solutions, mostly promoting some new government program or law or political candidate.

Despite all the talk, confusion and delusion still reign. People don’t know who or what to believe about what’s going on and don’t understand the root cause of the problems.

Because all of Scripture is inspired by the holy and perfect God, Christians have a foundation for discerning truth from error, right from wrong, and wisdom from foolishness.

Dr. Steven Lawson, president of OnePassion Ministries, expository preacher, and author of New Life in Christ: What Really Happens When You’re Born Again and Why It Matters, joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss:

  • What is going on in the world right now?
  • Why has there been division over the issue of “social justice”?
  • What does it mean to be born again?

Please join us for this important program.

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