GUEST: MICHAEL O’FALLON, Founder, Sovereign Nations

Everywhere you look—government, education, media, entertainment, corporate America, and yes, the evangelical church—a toxic ideology has seeped in and overtaken the country.

Called “critical theory” or “social justice” or “woke-ism”, the ideology casts whites, males, Christians, and heterosexuals as oppressors and their opposites as victims in need of liberation, justice, and equity. The “system” must be blown up and rebuilt.

It’s not surprising when non-Christians believe and propagate these lies but it’s another story when Evangelical leaders and churches become “allies” in the social justice movement. You might hear something like “church boards need to diversify” or “seminaries need books from BIPOC authors” (Black Indigenous People of Color) and not just from a “white perspective”.

The social justice movement has become so pervasive so quickly that it seems like there’s a coordinated effort to transform Evangelical Christianity.

Michael O’Fallon, the founder of Sovereign Nations and a featured guest in the Enemies Within: The Church documentary, joins us on The Christian Worldview to explain how the social justice movement began and who is behind it.

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