Guest: Tom Ascol, Pastor and Film Producer of By What Standard?

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S.  Having turned from theological liberalism in the 1980s in an era known as the “conservative resurgence”, the SBC is now in another bellwether battle over three issues, all centered around the question of whether Scripture is sufficient in all matters of life and faith…or not.

Last week in part 1, we discussed the first issue of women teaching men, or more broadly, women exercising authority of men in the church and home (1 Tim. 2:11- 15).  There is a great divide taking place in the SBC over this, with Beth Moore, asserting that complementarian theology (i.e. God has established separate yet complementary roles for men and women) paves the way for men abusing women.

In part 2 today, Tom Ascol, pastor and producer of the documentary film By What Standard?, joins us again to examine the second issue being debated—race and the worldview of Critical Race Theory.  A resolution on Critical Race Theory was passed at the 2019 SBC annual meeting resolving that the Marx-based, oppressor v. oppressed worldview could be used as an “analytical tool”.

What exactly is Critical Race Theory?  And is it wise to use a humanistic worldview to understand race and society?

Be sure to tune is as the issues being debated within the SBC are likely to arrive at your church soon…if not already there.

“By What Standard?”

Founders Ministries is producing this cinedoc to sound an alarm and issue a call for pastors and churches to stand firm against this onslaught by reaffirming the authority and sufficiency of God’s written Word.”

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Short Take 1: What is Critical Race Theory and why is it so unbiblical?  Length: 4:41

Short Take 2: Can Critical Race Theory be used as an “analytical tool”?  Length: 3:10

Short Take 3: What are the problems with Critical Race Theory? Length: 3:11

Short Take 4: Who is James H. Cone, why does he matter, and what is his Gospel? Length: 3:50