05 Nov 2022

TOPIC: Mid-Term Election Special—Will Americans Vote Against Wickedness?

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Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel
Pastor Andrew DeBartolo, Director of Operations, Liberty Coalition Canada

President Biden and the Left have held majority power in the White House and Congress for nearly two years. And what a wicked two years it has been for the country.

The federal law allowing abortion in all states may have been rightly overturned by the Supreme Court but […]

03 Nov 2018

TOPIC: Worldview Divide in the Mid-Term Elections

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Recently on the program we have discussed how wide the worldview divide has become in our nation.  On one side there are those with a traditional American worldview—they generally believe in God, more limited government, free market economics, equal opportunity for all, national sovereignty, border control, and heterosexual morality/marriage, and individual liberties of life, speech, and religion.  President Trump and Republican Party candidates generally align with this worldview.

On the other side are those who have […]

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