02 Mar 2024

TOPIC: Why the Cessationism vs Continuationism Debate is Really About the Authority of Scripture

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GUEST: Scott Aniol, Editor in Chief G3 Ministries and Featured in Cessationist

It’s a simple question with far-reaching ramifications: do Christians today possess the same miraculous “sign” gifts that God gave first century apostles, such as Peter and Paul, to…

  • Perform miracles, like bringing a dead person back to life (Acts 9:36-42);
  • Heal instantly and fully, making a blind man […]
01 Jul 2023

TOPIC: Is Christian Nationalism the Solution to America’s Societal Decline?

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GUEST: SCOTT ANIOL, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Grace Bible Theological Seminary

As we celebrate Independence Day, which commemorates the signing in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence, the founding document of our nation, when the original 13 colonies declared their autonomy from British colonial rule.

John Adams was a signer of the Declaration, one of the framers of […]

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