01 Dec 2018

TOPIC: What Is the Worldview of Americans, of Evangelicals?

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Ligonier, the preaching and teaching ministry founded by R.C. Sproul (who went to be with the Lord last year), conducts “The State of Theology” survey every two years to gauge the religious beliefs of a cross-section of our society.

The 2018 survey was recently released where people were asked to respond to 34 statements, such as, “Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature” or “The Bible, like all sacred writings, contains […]

09 Apr 2018

TCW Minute: The God Who Speaks Part 2 (Week of April 9, 2018)

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Revering God and His Word. This is David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview.

In our distracting and affluent society, with our tendency toward self-sufficiency and human wisdom, with spiritual and human forces relentlessly subverting the Bible, and too many churches and pastors not preaching it soundly and strongly, it’s no wonder God and His Word are not widely revered.

Let’s be reminded what the Bible says in 2 Peter 1:19: We have the prophetic word […]

07 Feb 2015

Understanding the Great Words of Salvation

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Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.  2 Timothy 1:13

There are some big words in Scripture that can seem too long and too hard to understand.  Words such as justification, propitiation, imputation, regeneration, reconciliation, […]

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