29 Jun 2024

TOPIC: Highlights from The Overcomer Course for Young Adults

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On Friday-Saturday June 21-22, nearly 30 young adults age 18-28 converged at Stone House Farm in Jordan, MN as the first class of The Overcomer Course.

Some of the young adults are in the workplace, some are in school, some are in between, but all came to hear what God has said in His Word and how it applies to their lives.

In eight sessions over those two days addressing the most […]

30 Apr 2024

TOPIC: How to Biblically View and Care for our Physical Bodies?

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GUEST: HALEY ERICKSON, Christian Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

While there is great diversity in the world—religion, culture, socio-economic, geographic, personal experience, family background, education, etc.—there are some things we all have in common. One of them is a physical body.

It’s interesting to note that God spoke everything into existence except for Adam (man), which God formed the “dust from the ground, and breathed into […]

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